Protecting the world’s endangered foods. The Slow Food Ark of Taste

This project strives to draw attention to the products and the history behind them, inspiring people to take action to protect them. This might be simply buying and eating them, spreading the word, or supporting the producers behind them.  In the case of endangered wild species, this might mean eating less or none of them in order to preserve their existence for future generations.

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Scotland’s forgotten larder.
Here in Scotland, we are blessed with so many incredible products: our Ark features over 35 examples of wonderful Scottish foods. Everything from Reestit mutton and Native Shetland Lamb to beremeal, the Arbroath Smokie and the Musselburgh Leek. But there is still a pressing need to research, record and promote the many other special heritage products that are in danger of disappearing before our eyes.


Our actions. Our network.
A Scottish Ark of Taste Commission has been established, composed of food historian Catherine Brown, restaurateur Carina Contini, Cuddybridge apple juice producer Graham Stoddart, Pam Rodway of Slow Food Scotland, Denise Walton of Peelham Farm, all co-ordinated by Wendy Barrie of the Scottish Food Guide. Together with Slow Food International’s Ark co-ordinators in Italy, they are adding new Ark ‘boarders’ regularly, as candidates are suggested by our convivia and others who care about foods worth protecting.

Current items on the Ark of Taste in Scotland


North Ronaldsay Sheep

Wild Scottish Juniper

Shetland Black Potato

Shetland Cabbage

Native Shetland Sheep

Reesit Mutton

Shetland Kye (Cattle)


Musselburgh Leek

British Red Grouse


Boreray Sheep

Soay Sheep

Skye Sea Salt

Artisan Scottish Crowdie

Traditional Fresh Blood Black Pudding

Traditional Finnan Haddie

Arbroath Smokie

Anster Farmhouse cheese

Traditional Scottish Farmhouse cheese

Native Black Bees

Scottish Dumpy chicken

Scottish Grey chicken

Pepper Dulse

Shetland Duck, Goose and Hen

Original Aberdeen Angus

Prestonfield Rhubarb

Native Scottish Goat

Mr Little’s Yeltholm Gypsy potato

Mountain Hare

Isle of Colonsay Wild Flower Honey

Original Belted Galloway Cattle

We need your help to make this happen too!  If you know of any special products that fit the criteria please contact


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